Is Pressure Washing Needed for Your Indiana HOA Community?

Commercial Pressure Washing

For more than 15 years, we at DutchPopp Painting have provided our customers with commercial painting, home painting, specialty coating, and pressure wash services. Maybe you didn’t realize a painting contractor can handle exterior cleaning. And perhaps you don’t know much about the pressure wash process and what it could do for your HOA community.…

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Why Antimicrobial Paint for Businesses is Surging in Indiana

anti-microbial paint

Aging takes a toll on the human immune system. The older we get, the less responsive the immune system can be. A weakened immune system gradually loses its ability to fend off pathogens in the environment and to recover from illness. Every bug that comes along won’t necessarily pose a risk, but vulnerability to infectious…

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Why Should You Choose To Paint Your Commercial Building Right Now?

Commercial Building Painters

Painting a commercial building costs money, takes a lot of time, and may not seem ideal. You might have wanted to paint your commercial building for some time, but there is never a perfect time to paint your building. You simply need to ensure the building is empty, schedule your painter, and get the job…

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