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Zionsville Cabinet Painting

Every few years, we all want to make some changes to our homes. We have great ideas about what would look best, from paint to floor covering and everything in between.

A popular choice today is to repaint cabinets. It can create a beautiful new look for a kitchen, bathroom, or other space without the expense, mess, and hassle of completely replacing the cabinets. A new color can dramatically brighten a room, totally changing its look and supporting lots of other changes in your decor. New paint on cabinets can also go to a dark, refined look that reinvents the space.

Repainting your cabinets may be part of your overall home renovation project, and you may have it planned out right down to the last detail. You have everything you need--except the time to do the work.

That's where DutchPopp Painting comes in. We are experts in all types of residential painting, and we're just the partner you need in your renovation project.

Painting is one of those jobs that seems easy until you get into it, but over time the difficulties become more obvious. Before long, you're overwhelmed and frustrated.

Don't ruin your project by taking on work that's too hard or too time-consuming to do yourself! Let paint your cabinets so that you can put your energy and time into the things that you do best.

Specializing in Cabinet Painting

Homeowners throughout the Zionsville IN area have come to trust DutchPopp for all their painting needs. With over a decade of professional service to our many customers, we have seen and done any kind of painting project you can imagine, including residential cabinets.

It's critical to paint cabinet surfaces properly. The doors and drawer fronts are subjected to frequent use, including spills of food, soap, and many other materials that can damage or stain paint. We understand what application methods and types of paint work best in these unique situations.

Peace of Mind

Having interior painting done means allowing people to spend hours in your home, sometimes over a period of days. It's not unusual to be concerned about who a paint company sends to work in your house. In fact, it just makes good sense.

We understand completely. We all have homes and families too, and we have the same high standards for our painters that we have for anyone who might come into our homes as well. Each of our employees is fully vetted and background checked to give you peace of mind.

Another concern for homeowners is the damage and liability a contractor may create. We'll take care of you here, too. We're fully insured to protect you from unnecessary risk.

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Knowledge of Paint

The shelves full of paint at your local home improvement store show just how many options there are. Colors, brands, and finishes give you so many options that it can be overwhelming for someone who has not spent a lot of time researching and practicing with different types of paint.

That's where we come in. With years of experience working with all types of paint, we know what looks best and works best in any residential application. We'll put that knowledge to work for you to help your project turn out as beautiful and durable as possible.

Understanding of Tools, Techniques, and Tricks

The work doesn't end with choosing a paint, of course. In fact, it's just getting started. The way paint is applied--and the tools and shortcuts used to apply it--are really at the heart of what we do best.

With cabinet painting, you can really see how the professionals stand apart from ordinary painters. Painting cabinets is very different from painting walls or even trim, so you want experienced cabinet painters to take on the job for you.

Of course, every painting situation has special circumstances. The ability to work around these complications is built on lots of experience with special techniques. There are also distinctive application techniques that allow us to create for you a cabinet look that isn't just a solid color.

A Commitment to Customer Service

When your project turns out just the way you want it, it's because you've worked with a contractor who is determined to get things right. With us, that starts the moment you call. We'll listen more than we'll talk so that we can really understand the look you want for your project.

From there, it's all about making your project the best it can be, and that includes doing it right so that it's still beautiful years later. We're so confident in the materials, techniques, and tools that we use that we provide a 3-year warranty on every project. If you see any problems with our materials or workmanship in that time, we'll make it right. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Free, Accurate Estimates

One of the oldest tricks used by dishonest contractors is to find ways to inflate their bill compared to the original estimate they provided. They'll claim that things came up or that you requested changes that increased the cost. In the end, you've got a bill that is considerably higher than you expected, or even an additional charge for the privilege of getting an estimate.


We will always provide you with an accurate and free estimate before you commit to anything. We will thoroughly examine the job so that your estimate is complete and accurate, and when the job is done, the price you'll pay will be exactly what we quoted you--guaranteed.

When your cabinets look rough or out of style, don't spend thousands of dollars replacing them. Talk to DutchPopp Painting in Zionsville IN about having them repainted instead. We'll provide you with a free estimate and give you the peace of mind knowing that your job will be done properly, on time and on budget. You won't have to worry about the people coming into your home or any risk of liability.

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