Commercial Exterior Painting in Carmel IN

Commercial Exterior Painting

What do Fresh Thyme Farmers Market, Jiffy Lube, and Target have in common? These retailers have unforgettable storefronts that display their logos in branded colors. Their chosen color combinations trigger emotional responses from customers who expect quality, convenience, and service every time they step into their stores. At DutchPopp Painting, we can help you to keep your building’s colors sharp and in clear focus with your customers in and around Carmel IN.

Improve Your Image with Commercial Exterior Paint

You’ve taken great pains to portray a consistent brand both online and at your physical address. Those consistent colors and logos support instant brand recognition with potential customers. A building that has dull, faded exterior paint sends the wrong message about your brand to the public.


Besides weather-related wear, your building’s exterior walls attract dirt from air pollution, car exhaust, and pollen. If these elements aren’t washed off of your facility quickly, they can damage its paint job prematurely. Commercial exterior painting is one way to renew the look of your building and get customers excited about your business again. Vivid exterior paint colors make your existing signage stand out and get noticed.

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Maintain Your Property with Commercial Exterior Paint

Commercial Exterior Painting Contractors Carmel IN

A commercial exterior paint job delivers more than just great curb appeal. Quality paint products that are applied by skilled painting contractors such as DutchPopp can help to maintain your real estate investment. When your building’s paint peels and chips with age, it’s letting you know that your building’s first line of defense against rain, sleet, and insects is in serious jeopardy.

Moisture is the enemy of wood, metal, and even concrete walls. Exterior paint offers a tough, thin barrier that blocks moisture from causing rot, rust, and cracking in all types of surfaces. By hiring a commercial painting company such as DutchPopp, you can restore the protective finish on your building’s exterior with paint products that are as durable as they are attractive. Consider our commercial exterior paint services to extend the life of your building’s siding.

Our Process and Services

Only trust the care of your commercial buildings to reliable contractors. When considering a commercial painting company, choose one that has extensive experience with large-scale painting projects. Painting contractors such as DutchPopp equip their painters with the latest tools to quickly tackle challenging commercial projects safely and effectively. Besides having access to updated pieces of equipment and the training to know how to use them, DutchPopp painters employ professional processes that make the project easier for all involved.


We begin with a consultation and inspection of your property. Our team members get to know your company’s specific pain points and your vision for the building. We consult with you about colors and finishes that’ll enhance your property and meet your goals for the facility. After gathering your requirements, we submit a proposal for the work that includes the safety procedures that we’ll follow during the paint project.

Before we start painting, we take careful steps to prepare your property by doing a thorough exterior cleaning. We power wash and sand exterior walls to remove embedded dirt and old paint. This reveals smooth surfaces that are ready to receive new paint. Our team covers landscaping and fixtures to protect them from unwanted paint splatter. Upon completion of your paint project, our team members conduct an inspection and walk-through with you to make sure that you are completely satisfied with our work. We leave your facility clean and ready to host customers, employees, and vendors.

At DutchPopp, we avoid cookie-cutter solutions and create custom paint plans that meet your unique needs. If graffiti vandals are a problem in your area, we can recommend anti-graffiti finishes that’ll leave your facility free of this type of “art” that can detract from your brand and diminish your property value. We can also advise you about various specialty paint coatings that repel dirt and grime in high-traffic areas such as restaurant drive-thrus.

Commercial Properties We Serve

We specialize in commercial exterior painting projects for these facilities.

- Restaurants

- Retail stores

- Strip malls

- Banks

- Warehouses

- Offices

- Industrial parks

Why Hire DutchPopp?

Timing is everything when it comes to refreshing your facility’s exterior with paint. Customer traffic, worksite safety hazards, and changeable Indiana weather are just some of the unique challenges that you’ll face during a commercial exterior painting project. When you hire DutchPopp as your commercial painting contractor, you get experienced painters who can plan and execute your painting project on time, on budget, and to your satisfaction guaranteed.

With over 15 years of experience painting large and small commercial structures throughout Indiana, we are confident that we can exceed your expectations for quality commercial painting. Our company is licensed and fully insured, and we don’t hire subcontractors. Our expert painters are employees who are accountable to you and DutchPopp throughout your painting project. We back our work with written warranties.

Besides bringing their extensive knowledge of coatings and finishes to the table, our team members deliver service with integrity. Before we hire painters, we perform thorough background checks on them to give you and your employees peace of mind while they work at your facility.

At DutchPopp, we want to do more than just paint commercial buildings. We aim to improve the commercial painting experience for shop owners and facility managers in Indiana with outstanding customer service. When you’re ready to attract customers with a freshly painted commercial facility, give us a call for a free quote on service.