Window Washing Services

If your home or business has dirty windows, we offer professional window cleaning services in Noblesville IN and Carmel IN.

We provide certified cleaning solutions that are industry tested to ensure a spotless and beautiful result.

There are plenty of benefits associated with clean windows, which is why window cleaning is a must for your maintenance and safety plans.

Why Is Commercial Window Cleaning Important?

Clean windows let in more sunlight and look attractive. One of the most important reasons for having clean windows in your business is sending a positive message to potential clients or customers. If the first place that they see when they walk in includes windows, cleaning them regularly is especially important. That first impression is critical. Clean windows show that you care about your business and your reputation, and this sends a message to customers that you care about what they think as well.

Cleaning your windows regularly helps remove dust, allergens and pollutants. Since some customers may have allergies, maintaining clean and dust-free windows and other surfaces shows that you care about their health. The same is true for employees, and they are more likely to have better morale when the workplace is clean. When employees are happy and healthy, they are more productive.

Another way that a commercial window washing service is beneficial is the reduction of safety risks for you. If you have your own employees wash windows using ladders or chemicals, they could sustain injuries. Such injuries can lead to medical expenses, lost productivity, worker's compensation claims and insurance issues. With professional window cleaners, you have the assurance that the cleaning company insures its workers. Also, they are trained, have experience, and have the right equipment.

Cleaning the windows in your business regularly can help prevent lasting damage. If windows are not cleaned for a long time, they can become etched. This weakens the glass and makes it easier to break. As the sun shines on residue on the glass, it becomes more difficult to remove. This is when people often use abrasive objects or harsh chemicals to remove it, which is risky. Improper cleaning methods can also scratch and etch glass. Professionals know how to safely remove caked-on debris and can recommend a regular washing schedule to keep your windows in good condition.

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Why Is Residential Window Cleaning Important?

Residential-window cleaning in Carmel

We also recommend window cleaning for homes. Professional cleaning gives you the benefit of not putting yourself at risk for injuries by using a ladder or chemicals. If your kids or pets touch the glass on windows often, it is easier for germs and grime to collect, mix and spread. With clean windows, you have greater peace of mind that everyone is safer and happier. Also, your windows are less likely to become etched or sustain lasting damage if you regularly have them professionally cleaned.

If you have guests over frequently, clean windows also show that you care for their health if any of them have sensitivities. Also, your guests are sure to be impressed with your spotless glass surfaces. If you plan to put your property on the market, clean windows make the home look better and can help potential buyers envision themselves living there.

How the Window Washing Process Works

Residential and commercial window cleaning both include thorough washing of interior and exterior window surfaces. Professional window washers assess the glass to determine how extensive the cleaning project will be. The process starts with wetting the windows. If there are trees around the exterior of the home or business, there may be sap on the windows. Professionals use safe scrubbers to remove any sap or stubborn residue.

After the windows are scrubbed and washed, the cleaners wet them again. Using a squeegee, they remove the water. After this, they use a non-scratch cloth to wipe the windows and prevent any streaks. They also carefully wipe and clean the windowsills. Our techniques help prevent damage and leave a lasting result.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Types of Businesses We Serve

At Dutchpopp Painting, we take pride in providing window cleaning services to a variety of commercial clients. We help medical and public health facilities, such as small hospitals, dental clinics and physician clinics. Also, we serve retail buildings, such as strip malls and independent stores. Our company also serves educational facilities. We clean condo buildings, offices, banks, restaurants and others.

Why Choose Us for Window Washing in Carmel IN or Noblesville IN?

Dutchpopp Painting is committed to maintaining the highest degree of customer satisfaction. We have more than a decade of experience with commercial and residential painting and cleaning services. Our team specializes in all types of commercial and residential window cleaning. Whether you are a gated community manager, a homeowner or a business owner, we have solutions for your needs. These are some reasons that customers often choose us:


  • We understand and use the latest equipment, technologies and methods.
  • We understand the properties of many types of substrates and how to safely clean them.
  • We can work well in every type of environment.


If your home or business needs to be spruced up with pressure washing, interior painting or exterior painting, we also offer those services. We will be happy to consult with you on your scheduling needs, and we are committed to staying within your budget and completing the project on time. Please contact us for a free estimate on our residential or commercial window cleaning services.