Brick Painting in Carmel IN

Brick Painting

The majestic appearance of brick may seem to lose its appeal when you want to give your home a new look. Brick house painting can completely change the exterior and make it appear rejuvenated and attractive. With enthusiasm for the possibilities that fresh paint on old brick can create, you may decide to try your skill on a do-it-yourself project.

At DutchPopp Painting, we make the job look as easy as you imagine it, and you get results that please you without doing the work.

Preparing the Surface

Applying paint to brick may seem as easy as painting any other surface, but the intensive preparation required can change your enthusiasm into regret in a heartbeat.

A concern that can test your patience at the outset when you want to start rolling paint immediately requires you to prepare a perfectly clean and dry surface. The minerals in brick create efflorescence that appears as a white powder, and it responds to nothing except a wire brush.

Power washing and time to dry in the Carmel IN sun readies the brick for our priming process. We not only spray heavy coatings of primer, we also brush and backroll the primer into every crevice, crack and defect to get it ready for an exceptional top coat.

Our fully licensed and insured team of friendly tradesmen can get your job done on time and within budget without making your home look like a construction site for weeks on end.

As professional brick house painters, our experienced team of skilled craftsmen has the patience and knowledge to prepare brick surfaces to receive paint that adheres beautifully.

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Coping with Vulnerabilities

Fired brick has high porosity that makes it hold water that can become trapped, a process that may lead to cracked bricks, chips and crumbling mortar. Defects do not go away under a coat of paint but continue to worsen unless repaired. At DutchPopp Painting, we show you any areas of your exterior walls that have structural damage or show weakness that may need repair. The professional preparation of brick for painting and the application of the best paint can prevent defects from occurring. As painting contractors, we know that untreated bubbles caused by efflorescence can damage do-it-yourself projects. We use the highest quality of caulk to seal all vulnerabilities and create a finished surface that maintains a consistent depth of color without any imperfections.

Brick Painting Contractors Carmel IN

Making a Lasting Decision

Our dedication to serving the community with excellence in brick house painting allows us to deliver customer satisfaction that has no equal and to share the benefit of our experience with you. A decision to change the style, texture and appearance of brick requires careful thought because of the difficulty of turning back if you do not like it. The rough features of brick and its ability to absorb water make it hard to remove paint, even for us as professional painting contractors. The effective removal of paint from brick requires sandblasting and extensive power washing, and both can potentially damage the surface. Brick staining can enhance the natural color of your home’s exterior, and it gives you an option for refreshing your home’s appearance without changing it permanently. We can help you achieve the beauty and style that you prefer.

Enjoying the Difference that Quality Makes

Aesthetic preferences and a desire for a refreshed façade can present excellent reasons for deciding to apply paint to brick walls. As a homeowner in Carmel IN, you have access to the superior quality of work that supports our 15-year reputation in the community. We welcome any opportunity to help you make your house look the way that you envision it, and we commit to provide the quality and price that you prefer in the time frame that suits you.

Our low prices and high-quality work provide peace of mind when you have a home improvement project. When you choose a brick house painting contractor, the factors that can make the difference include paint quality, experience, customer service, scheduling options and warranties. We excel in each area to provide the best exterior brick painting job that you can find anywhere. Our trained and knowledgeable staff of professionals represent our company’s philosophy of providing the quality painting service that you deserve. We pay attention to your plans and preferences to make sure that you get what you need from us as your brick painting contractor.

  • Paint Quality

We use only the highest quality of paint that gives your project the professional edge that lasts for several years. Our reputation as brick house painters rides on the quality of jobs that we produce, and we protect it by making sure that our skilled and professional brick painters have the best materials for every project. We study the properties and characteristics of the paint that we use, its ability to adhere to brick and its durability.

  • Experience

With more than 15 years of serving the residents in the Carmel IN community, we understand the effects of our winters on brick homes. When we prepare walls for painting, we know the best ways to rid brick of efflorescence, debris and defects to create a thoroughly clean and dry surface. We stay up to date on the latest techniques in the industry, and we use the latest equipment and materials to produce the most receptive surfaces for painting.

  • Customer Service

Our commitment to serving the residents of the Carmel area allows us to deliver unmatched customer service on every job. Our customer satisfaction guarantee assures you of a quality job that carries our reputation with it. No company offers better customer service than DutchPopp Painting. Our vetted painters pass a thorough background check, before becoming part of our team.

  • Scheduling

Our team of trained and skilled brick painters can work around your schedule to accommodate your preferences to complete your job on time and within budget. We offer free estimates on cost and completion time to assist you in planning your budget and activities. Our efficient approach meets your expectations without occupying your home for an extended period.

  • Warranty

Our confidence in the excellence of our work allows us to provide a three-year warranty on all painting jobs. Our extensive preparation process ensures the completion of a durable brick painting job that lasts for several years. As our client, you receive a free, no-obligation estimate for a competitive price, convenient scheduling and our customer satisfaction guarantee.