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If your office space needs a new look, fresh paint can greatly improve its appearance. We handle basic office painting projects for interiors and smaller businesses. Our painters have the experience, equipment and enthusiasm to complete jobs quickly and professionally.

Benefits of Exterior Painting

One of the main benefits is better protection from moisture. Indiana winters bring harsh winds, ice and snow. In the summer, the rain, heat and storms are also hard on building exteriors. Over time, exteriors can develop small cracks that allow moisture to seep in behind the walls or along the edges near the roof. That seeping water can lead to mold growth, which can create several health risks for people in the building.

When painters prepare the exterior of the building, they can patch minor surface cracks in most cases. However, they do not handle major exterior restoration projects. Professional paint can create a protective layer on the exterior of the building to reduce the risks of moisture seeping behind the walls.

Another potential benefit of exterior painting for your small business is that painters can identify signs of some types of pest infestations when they prepare the exterior to be painted. For example, termites often build dirt tubes along the lower part of an exterior wall. Busy building owners may not notice these signs and may only see signs of such a problem when it becomes larger and the damage is more extensive.

A benefit that people commonly overlook is a stronger brand. If you have been working in other ways to build visibility for your brand, you know colors can be powerful and important for a small business. Painting the exterior to go with your chosen colors can help. Even if you have not been working on this, having an attractive color scheme on the exterior can make people passing by more likely to stop.

Showing that you care about the exterior sends a subliminal message that you care about your customers and likely have good-quality products or services. If you own a small office property that you want to rent out, fresh paint can help attract a better business tenant to your property.

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Benefits of Interior Painting

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Many of the benefits listed in the previous section apply to the interior as well. Your brand can appear stronger, you can show that you care about the interior part of the building and you can help protect the walls from indoor moisture or stains.

If your office has sets of cubicles, another benefit of interior painting is better organization. For example, you may decide to paint the walls blue on the sales side of the office and green on the billing side. This gives employees a clearer sense of where they are and where they need to go.

Interior paint can make customers and employees feel happier. If you are a landlord, it can make potential tenants feel happier and current tenants feel more satisfied. A drab appearance can make people feel discouraged. If you are both the building owner and the employer, you can benefit from happier employees since they tend to be more productive.

Why Hire a Professional Painting Company for Office Painting?

Most building owners do not have the right tools, equipment or trained tradespeople on staff to handle a painting project. A professional painting company can complete the job efficiently and leave an excellent result. Professional painters have modern equipment and know the most effective techniques to complete the job.

Painting can be a complex process, and there are different rules for various substrates. Professionals know how to pick the right type of paint for the surface. Also, they know how to properly remove prior coats of paint or other finishes. If an interior or exterior surface is not properly prepared before being painted, the entire paint job can be ruined. The surface may look stained, spotty or streaked. Professionals know the right methods for stripping, sanding, priming and other steps.

If paint is applied correctly to a surface that is properly prepared, it should last longer. Paint that is applied incorrectly can lead to bubbling or cracking soon afterward. We understand that you want to protect the reputation of your office and its appearance. If you rent out your office building, you want to ensure that your tenant finds the space favorable for attracting customers. A professional painting company can help you maintain this goal and more.

How Long Does Paint Last on an Office Building?

Since it is often exposed to more extreme conditions, exterior paint may have a shorter lifespan. However, some professional jobs can last for several years. The longevity depends on several factors, and the type of the building may be a contributing factor. Interior paint may last between a few years and up to a decade. However, there are several factors that influence how long paint lasts indoors. We can give you a more specific longevity estimate once we know more details about your office.

Why Choose DutchPopp Painting in Carmel IN?

When you work with our professional office painters, we ensure that your business is not turned into a long-term construction site. We go over every step of the process with you, identify any obstacles ahead of time and work efficiently to minimize interruptions to your operations. We know that time is money for you, and rest assured that our conscientious office painters will work around you as much as possible. These are some of the reasons why people work with us:

  • We have been in business for over a decade.
  • Our friendly painters have passed background checks and are highly skilled.
  • We understand paint characteristics, substrate properties and the latest technologies for painting.
  • Our office painters can work efficiently in difficult environments.
  • We are licensed and insured.
  • Our work comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

We only send our own employees, and you never work with independent contractors or subcontractors.

Our work schedule is flexible to include weekdays and weekends.

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you. While our painters work, they treat your building, tenants, employees or clients with the utmost respect and care. Please contact DutchPopp Painting to learn more, and we will be glad to provide you with a free estimate for office painting in Carmel IN.