Cabinet Painting Noblesville

Cabinet Painting Noblesville IN

If you're not sure whether to restore or replace your cabinets, one option that's a good alternative is painting. Staining is also an option for wood cabinets. With cabinet painting, you don't have to spend as much as you would to completely replace the cabinets. It also lets you keep the original cabinets if you have sentimental ties to them. If your cabinets have never been painted or need to be repainted, DutchPopp Painting can make them look like new again.

Benefits of Cabinet Painting

In addition to the benefit of saving money, you have the benefit of saving time. Some new cabinet installations take longer if the original layout isn't the same or if there are other factors. If you like the current layout of your cabinetry, keeping it is a bonus. By painting your old cabinets instead of discarding them in a landfill, you also help reduce environmental waste. With painting, there are many more aesthetic choices to consider. While your options are limited for finishes and colors of new cabinets, skilled painters can create the perfect color of paint or finish for your preferences.

Steps for Painting Cabinets

There are several important steps we take to make sure that the result is excellent. Our goal is to make the cabinets look smooth and not show paint lines.

Preparation and Minor Restoration

First, we remove any knobs, handles or other hardware. If there's a fading finish or chipping paint, we may scrape or sand the surfaces. We can patch cracks, tiny holes or some scratches to make the surface smoother. Once the surface is smooth, we make sure that we clean the cabinets well before we start applying primer and paint.

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Priming and Painting

If the cabinets have glass or special trim, we are careful to mask those areas. Primer is the first substance we apply. It's especially important for wood cabinets. This is because wood can have tannin bleed, and tannic acid will cause a spotty or uneven appearance when paint dries over it. Primer also helps bond the paint to the cabinets. When we're certain that the surface is properly sealed, we apply the paint. We can apply stain if you prefer a natural-looking finish instead. For grooves, trim or other features, we can use different colors if you wish.

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Interior House Painting: Why Choose Professionals?

Hiring professionals to paint the interior of your home gives you the best chance of achieving successful results. Instead of carrying out the project on your own, enjoy the advantages of our professionalism and consistent attentiveness to customers.

Finishing Touches

When the paint is dry, we replace the hardware that we removed. If you prefer to have new hardware installed, we can do that instead. We're careful to clean up any debris and supplies when we're finished, and we always do a thorough inspection before leaving. Our goal is to make sure that you're completely satisfied with the new look of your cabinets.

Is Painting Right for Your Cabinets?

If you want to keep the cabinets you have, painting may be right for you. It's also good if you simply want a new look. For example, if you have a darker wood finish on your cabinets and they're still fairly new, you may not want to get rid of them if you just wish they were white for a brighter look in your kitchen. Painting the cabinets isn't right for everyone. If you want to change the style and layout of your cabinets, it may be better to reface or replace them. Unless you want to pay for professional restoration, you're better off replacing your cabinets if the doors and frames are severely damaged. For example, if you have rusting metal cabinets from the 1950s, it may be better to replace them if there are a lot of sizable holes because of the rust. If you're unsure about the condition of your cabinets, we'll be happy to answer any questions.

How Long Does the Entire Process Take?

Cabinet painting may take a few days. How long it takes depends on the number of cabinets, the condition of them and the complexity of the painting job. For example, imagine that you have 30 cabinets that need a lot of preparatory work, and they have grooved details that need to be painted different colors. That job would take longer than a simple job, such as a few cabinets that need minimal work and don't need special detailing.

Types of Cabinets That We Paint

Although most of our customers request kitchen cabinet painting, we can also paint cabinets in garages, laundry rooms, bathrooms and other rooms. Our cabinet refinishing and painting technicians have worked with a wide variety of materials, such as wood, metal and more. They know how to choose the right type of paint for a substrate and how to prepare surfaces properly. Also, they have an extensive knowledge of paint properties and characteristics.

Why Choose DutchPopp Painting to Paint Your Cabinets in Noblesville IN?

We understand that you have a busy schedule and don't have time to deal with such a large-scale renovation project. An important part of our company culture is respect and care for every customer's home. We know that you love your home, and our goal is to give you another reason to love it even more after we're done painting or refinishing your cabinets. These are some top reasons why customers in the Noblesville area work with us:

• Our painters have gone through background checks.
• We give you a three-year warranty and a satisfaction guarantee on every paint job.
• Our painters can handle both interior and exterior painting jobs.
• We use modern equipment and technology to deliver consistent results.
• Our company is fully insured and licensed.

We're committed to providing second-to-none customer service every time. We're happy to answer your questions if you're still in the process of planning a painting project for your cabinets. If you're ready to start comparing prices, we'll provide you with a free estimate with no obligation. Our company is proud to offer competitive prices. An affordable rate for a guaranteed result is an unbeatable value. To learn more or get an estimate, please give us a call today.