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Have your kitchen cabinets started to look a little drab? If so, you might be thinking about replacing them. However, maybe those cabinets are still in great shape. And perhaps you still like their size, shape, and layout. In that case, professional cabinet painting could be the simple answer to your design dilemma.

If you hire qualified cabinet painters to handle this task, your cabinets could look as good as new when the project's finished — or even better. And a paint job is much more affordable than a cabinet replacement.

Of course, painting is a much faster process as well. A kitchen remodeling or a cabinet replacement could take weeks to complete. Being unable to use your kitchen for that length of time is a major inconvenience.

The Benefits of Cabinet Painting

When you paint your cabinets, you may be looking for a subtle update. For instance, you might choose a warmer or a cooler tone. You might even want the exact same hue as before. That way, your kitchen would keep its current look, but it would feel fresher and cleaner.

On the other hand, maybe you'd like a more substantial change. A completely new color design could transform the look of the entire room, making it seem more modern, more rustic, or whatever effect you're going for.

Either way, you'll have a more inviting space in which to prepare your meals and dine with your family and friends.

On top of that, popular home design trends change every several years or so. Thus, the fashionable colors of 10 years ago may look awfully dated these days. A cabinet painting will bring your kitchen right up to speed.

In addition, when it's time to sell your home, your kitchen will be a key factor in attracting buyers. And an alluring color scheme will cast this room in the most desirable light possible. It's a rule of real estate: When people love the kitchen, they often pay more for the home.

You might want to give your cabinets a new finish as well. The finish will make them stronger, and they'll be less likely to flake, crack, or chip. They'll also resist moisture more effectively. As a result, they'll last longer.

The finish can also enhance a cabinet's appearance. For instance, you might choose a high-gloss finish for an eye-catching sheen. Another example is an antique finish, one that would make your cabinets look like heirlooms from a bygone era.

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Working With Dutchpopp Painting

In 2005, two Indiana friends and firefighters, both of whom enjoy painting residences in their free time, decided to make their hobby their second profession. Thus, they founded Dutchpopp Painting. Our company has been going strong ever since.

Yes, we've been painting kitchen cabinets in the Whitestown IN, area for more than 15 years. In that time, we've built a reputation for first-rate customer service.

For sure, we could take your cabinets to the next level of elegance and sophistication.

In particular, we're known for collaborating with our clients: understanding exactly what they're looking for and making those ideas tangible.

We provide free and accurate estimates, and we always guarantee customer satisfaction. Moreover, every painting job we complete comes with a three-year warranty. And our prices are highly competitive.

At Dutchpopp, we specialize in every kind of residential painting. We're well-versed in all the latest painting techniques, and we use the most advanced pieces of equipment.

Also, we're true paint authorities. We know all about the different types of paint and their individual characteristics.

Likewise, we're experts at color and how it affects interior design. We can discuss the look you're after and give you our expert advice. The shades we recommend will suit your specific goals.

We're fully insured, and all of our employees have been vetted. Each of them has undergone a full background check. Just as important, we consistently do our work on budget and on schedule.

It's even possible that one of Dutchpopp's owners will help paint your cabinets. Whenever they're off duty, they're eager to grab a brush and pitch in. Painting homes and making connections with customers are two of the things they love the most.

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Our Cabinet Painting Procedure

Cabinet painting is certainly not for amateurs. Getting the most beautiful results requires experienced cabinet painters. And there's no reason for your cabinets to look anything but their finest.

Indeed, our process is complex. Before we open any cans of paint, we take several important steps:

  • We give cabinets a thorough cleaning, getting rid of stubborn streaks, grime, and other materials that have accumulated over the years.
  • We make small repairs, filling in cracks, chips, and holes. We may do some sanding as well.
  • We often remove cabinet doors, and we might move some of the furniture out of the room.
  • We protect and cover all remaining kitchen elements so that they won't get splattered.

Then, while painting and applying the finish, we carefully inspect our work as we go along. Finally, we clean up after ourselves completely.

Would you like to learn more about what we can do for your kitchen in Whitestown IN? If so, please don't hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. We could set up a free consultation. We'd love to make your cabinets as stylish as they could be — and to make your whole kitchen an even more appealing place to come home to.