Why You Should Paint The Interior of your Indiana Home During Winter and Fall Seasons

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Like any other place in the United States, Noblesville experiences cold, chilly, windy winters lasting for three months from late November to early March. The average temperatures exhibited during the time are between 22°F and 45°F. The cold weather inhibits any outdoor activities. However, revamping your interior décor is manageable during this time because you have a lot of time on your hands, which can result in boredom. Did you know that the best time to repaint the interior of your house is in winter? Many people may refute the claims due to misconceptions and beliefs; however, eliminating all your doubts is imminent. The reasons why this is advisable are highlighted below per the dogmas of painting.

Reasons for painting the interior walls of your house

  • The walls end up being spick and span since adding a fresh coat involves sanding and cleaning the old painting before applying a base coat.
  • A fresh coat of paint prevents your house from aging since it keeps off the dust, allergens, and mold build-up.
  • Increases the aesthetic value
  • Increases the value of your house in case you are planning to sell it soon

Benefits of hiring a painting contractor

Painting is a messy job that requires an expert to avoid carrying out a sloppy job and ruining the existing paint job even further. While hiring a professional painter, your average interior house painter quotes are roughly estimated between $960-$2,771. The price ranges since the paint job vary from house to house ranges depending on the number of square feet to be painted and the initial paint job’s deteriorating state.

After you hire a home painter, the paint job is exceptionally done in contrast to doing it yourself or getting an inexperienced person.

A painting contractor is an expert in new color coats and can easily create a color scheme that will go hand in hand with your home’s interior décor and furnishing.

During a paint job, the risk of accidents is negligible when you hire an expert since they are certified contractors who have perfected the skill and therefore perform an accident-free task.

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Perquisites of painting your interior during winter


Very few people are aware that winter is the best time to repaint the interior of your house. During this period, the demand for painters is very low, and some companies tend to take an intermission during this period because of the low temperatures. Even so, the few who are still in business lower their quoted prices until normalcy resumes. This rate is put in place as an incentive to attract more customers.


Getting a painting company to tend to your needs during the summer is quite difficult since most of these companies are booked for the entire period, and it would take weeks or months for their schedule to clear up and accommodate your need. The case during winter is different.

With a free schedule and plenty of time in their hands, painting companies will heed to your call in real-time with time stumps of hours or weeks. The impassable roads covered in snow often cause delays. Even so, the companies will get to you as soon as they can. You also get to maximize your summertime since you will not have to say cooped up indoors to supervise the painting at your house.

Dehumidified air

The average humidity is between 40 and 50%; however, the humidity drops to 25% – 35% during winter. When the atmosphere has a lot of moisture, then the paint is exposed to water vapor that inhibits fast drying. Preparing paint involves using water to create a solution. The humid conditions will hinder and prevent the water in the paint from drying.

Another disadvantage of high humidity in the house is that it tends to cause the paint to peel off. The water is embedded into the wall, making it soggy, thereby thawing the paint’s binding, and eventually, the paint peels off. Therefore, painting during winter prevents moisture trapped in the walls—a humid free atmosphere results in a smooth, fresh coat and an attractive interior.

The paint will dry off without opening the windows

Paints have a galling scent that requires the opening of windows. The fumes are detrimental to your health in the following ways:

  • Headaches
  • Respiratory problems
  • Dizziness

Typically, during summer, the paint fumes are eliminated through the opening of windows is, however, impossible during winter due to the chilling weather. The room temperature will drop, and you will be forced to overwork your thermostat, which results in high electricity bills. During winter, elimination of the irritating smell is done through having a sound ventilation system. In addition to this, a few days of scaling temperatures up a notch will do the trick. The heating cost will increase slightly through the prices and are not as high as the painting quotes during summer.

In order to avoid excessive fuming, consult your contractor on the best paint low in volatile organic compounds.

Conducive time for indoor activities

The cold weather during the weather is not conducive for any outdoor activity. People are, therefore, forced to be shacked up in their homes. During this time, you tend to notice some issues in your home, and the paint job is one of them. Make use of the time on your hands and hire a home painter. This way, you will utilize your time effectively, thereby relieving you of indoor activities during summertime.

Increase house value for spring

Prospective buyers who want to own a family home are often enticed by the color schemes and fresh coat of paint. Repainting your house during winter can be beneficial since the cost of the house is bound to appreciate. Painting during this period puts you ahead of the market since many people prepare their houses for sale during spring. This way, you get to sell your home at a high price since houses’ availability does not meet the demand.

Natural lighting

During winters, darkness since to set in faster than usual. In spite of this, the sun also rises earlier during this time. You can maximize the early start to ensure that you finish the work on time. The ground covered in snow can work in your favor while painting the interior house. The white snow reflects natural light from the sun onto the wall, illuminating and preventing mistakes since missed spots can easily be seen. Similarly, utilizing the natural light speeds up the process since, with artificial lighting, you consume a lot of time trying to regulate the lighting.

It’s Time to Paint Your Interior!

Painting has never been easier, especially during winter. Maximize during this time for maximum results. Fast-drying, preventing peeling paint, availability of natural light, time, and cost-effective are some of the reasons why interior painting during winter is advisable. Dutchpopp painting promises artistry since the company is the epitome of painting contractors. If you are interested in hiring a paint expert for your house interior, this company is the best available option. Reach out to them, and one of their customer service personnel who is available round the clock will book an appointment for you. You can rest assured that your house will get a thorough paint job it deserves.

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