What To Do With Outdated Wallpaper in Your New Home in Westfield IN

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Do you love your home but not the wallpaper in it? If so, a painting contractor in Westfield IN can help you change that. You may worry about removing the wallpaper. Perhaps you are contemplating painting over it or simply applying a different wallpaper. Dutchpopp Painting is here to help you make the right choice and turn your interior renovation ideas into reality. These are the main choices you have when it comes to dealing with unwanted wallpaper.

Paper Over It

If your home is very old, you probably noticed an area or two where the seams are peeling away or there is a tear. You may see other layers of paper underneath, leading you to think it may be best to just pick your own desired wallpaper to put over the current one. This can work in some cases. However, it can also be a disaster. For example, if the wallpaper underneath is affixed firmly on every layer, your new wallpaper may look alright if you apply it correctly. However, if there are any areas of wallpaper on the current layer that are not glued down well, the wallpaper you put up may look bubbled.

Scrape It Off

There are plenty of DIY methods for removing wallpaper, but none of them are easy. Some old wallpaper may come off easily in certain areas. However, you will likely need a good scraper and will find that you must scrape most of the wall. That can be bad if the wallpaper is applied thinly on drywall, which is easy to damage with a scraper. Some people rent steamers or use DIY solutions they find on the internet, which tend to produce disappointing results. The process of removing wallpaper is tedious and usually takes a considerable time investment. Once you remove the wallpaper, you can decide if you want to apply a different wallcovering or paint.

Apply a New Covering Over It

Wallpaper is not the only form of wallcovering, and you may have your sights set on a different type of covering that you prefer. Perhaps you want to install paneling. Beadboard is a common choice today for putting on walls. It is versatile enough to be easy to cut and work with, and you can add wainscoting or other decorative embellishments on it to make a room look luxurious. When you apply a covering over wallpaper, it may not stick if the wallpaper is not fully glued to the wall.

Paint Over It

Many people do not want to deal with the nightmare of trying to remove old and unsightly wallpaper, especially if it is disgracing all the walls in the home. People often decide to paint over wallpaper. Although this may work, it may also cause problems. For example, if the wallpaper underneath is not firmly affixed to the wall, the paint may pull it away and leave an unsightly result when it dries. However, if the wallpaper is thin and is firmly glued to the wall, the paint may look smooth. The surface should be completely smooth if you paint over it. Any edges or seams of the wallpaper should be glued down, and the glue should be completely dry before you attempt to apply paint.

Call a Painting Contractor

The easiest way to get that ugly wallpaper out of your life is to call an inside house painter to remove it. Professional interior painters have the right skills, equipment and technologies to effectively remove old wallpaper. They can also apply new wallcoverings or interior paint. When you hire a professional, you do not have to worry about hurting yourself by falling off a ladder, getting burned by a wallpaper steamer or experiencing any other injury. Professionals handle all the work for you and are insured and licensed. They can also help you select the right wallcovering or paint color for your needs to prevent the headache of buying a color that is not quite what you wanted.

Finding Interior Painters in Westfield

If you are ready to get rid of that old wallpaper once and for all, give Dutchpopp Painting a call. We have years of experience in home remodeling, as well as an excellent reputation for customer service. Our skilled team knows how to help you achieve the results you want. We offer quality work without cutting any corners, giving you a better value for your investment. With our licensed and insured team of friendly tradespeople, you can rest assured that your project will be completed within your budget and on time. When we send painters to your home, they treat you, your home and your family with the respect and care you deserve. We keep you informed about the project and its progress every step of the way. Utilizing the latest equipment and technologies, our painters work efficiently and produce a seamless result. If you are looking for a skilled inside house painter in Westfield, please contact us for a free estimate.

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