The Psychology Behind Indiana Paint Colors

The Psychology Behind Indiana Paint Colors

The color that you decide to paint a given space can have a significant impact on its overall look and feel. For example, the use of cool colors in the master bedroom can make it easier to relax and fall asleep in a timely manner each night. Conversely, the use of warm colors can increase your energy level or help improve the mood of whoever may be in a space adorned in yellow, orange or red. If you are ready to freshen up the appearance of your home’s interior, do not hesitate to contact the folks at Dutchpopp Interior Painting in Westfield IN.

Colors Are Often Associated With Gender

It’s not uncommon for parents to paint a girl’s room pink while painting a boy’s room blue. Pink is a hue that is associated with politeness and empathy, which are important emotions for children of either gender to get acquainted with. However, it’s worth noting that a neutral shade of blue can also have a calming influence on your child regardless of whether you have a son or daughter.

Bright Colors Are Typically Used in Communal Spaces

As a general rule, you should use colors such as yellow, orange or red in spaces where people will gather such as a den, kitchen or dining room. However, since they can provide you with a rush of energy, they may also be a good fit in a home office, home gym or other spaces that only you use on a regular basis.

Cooler Colors Are Popular In Bathrooms and Saunas

For some people, a hot bath or shower is the perfect reward for surviving a long day at work, school or raising their children. The use of light blues, greens or purples in a bathroom can make it even easier to take your mind off of your problems.

You Can Use White or Black to Create an Interesting Contrast

Generally speaking, white works well in any space that has dark floors, cabinets or trim. Conversely, black can help to provide more visual appeal to rooms that have white carpet or beige cabinets. Our team of interior painters may even be able to create stripes, squares or other patterns that make use of both colors on the same wall or ceiling.

You Can Use Lighter Shades to Tone Down Brighter Hues

Let’s say that you want to paint your kitchen red but are afraid that it will be too loud for that space. You can solve this problem by using a lighter shade of red to help create a look that you’ll enjoy for years to come. If you choose us as your painting contractor, our team can provide insight into how utilizing various shades of a given color can help you obtain a look that showcases your style and taste.

Many Factors Can Influence How a Color Appears In a Given Space

As a general rule, colors appear brighter when exposed to light and duller when it is relatively dark. Therefore, it may be best to use a brighter color in a space that might not get a lot of natural light. Furthermore, it may be best to use a lighter shade of a bright color in kitchens, living rooms and other parts of a home that tend to be exposed to significant amounts of natural light.

The type of paint that you use can also play a role in how it looks after it’s applied. For instance, flat finishes tend to be less intense than satin or glossy finishes. It’s also important to point out that glossy finishes are more likely to highlight imperfections such as fingerprints, scuff marks or dust. Therefore, you may have to clean them more often, which can increase your stress level regardless of what color a wall, cabinet or piece of trim is painted.

What You Should Know About Dutchpopp Interior Painting in Westfield IN

Our company is staffed by experienced tradespeople who understand modern painting best practices. We are a fully licensed painting contractor, which means that we adhere to the standards imposed upon us by the state of Indiana. It’s also important to note that we are fully insured, which means that you won’t be liable for anything that goes wrong while we’re on your property.

However, it’s worth noting that we take a variety of precautions to ensure that we can complete a project in a timely, proper and safe manner. You should also know that our team of Westfield interior painters can usually work around the clock assuming that we have access to adequate lighting. The ability to work throughout the day allows us to minimize the interruption that a painting project might have on your life. If you need to refresh the look and feel of your home’s interior, feel free to contact Dutchpopp Painting today. During a free initial consultation, our team can provide insight into the colors and types of paint that may be most appropriate in a given space. We can also talk more about the various precautions that we put in place to ensure the safety of anyone who will occupy your home while we are working. Finally, we will provide you with a free estimate and projected timeline to help you make an educated hiring decision.

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