The Hottest Color Trends For Indiana In 2020

2020 Indiana Color Trends

When you want to paint your house, you do not want to use the boring colors that came from another time. There are a few hot color trends below that you should try, and each of these color trends can be used inside or outside the house. When you hire a home painter, you can ask them to show you how to add these colors to the inside and outside of the house. You might want to use all these colors around your home, or you can choose a color palette that you believe is appropriate for your home and family.

You Can Mirror The Colors From Your Kitchen

When you want to bring colors from the kitchen, you can use yellows, oranges, or even soft reds. These colors make your kitchen look bright and fun. You will see these colors on TV, and you can take inspiration from any of the shows you watch. You want your friends, family, and visitors to truly enjoy the experience in your kitchen, and they cannot do that until you have chosen amazing colors that help make the room feel more lively.

When you add yellow, orange, or a soft red to the room, you can take it outside. Painting the exterior of your home the same color as a fresh kitchen makes your home look modern. Add white trim to any of these colors, and your home will look like it was built by the colonial elites in the time of the Revolution.

You might also want to add these colors to other parts of the house because you want to truly enjoy both the color and the energy that you get from the color palette. You should think of which shades you want to use in each room, or you could reserve those colors for just one room in the house.

You Can Go Earthy And Natural

Earthy and natural colors should not be overdone. You can use cedar colors, the cider brown you have always wanted to try, or that chestnut brown you enjoy. There are different versions of brown that might be interesting to you, and you can add lighter shades to the house that will constitute your trim.

You could try the simplest mushroom grey because you want the color to have a bit more brown and blue in it. These colors are very complex, and they work well with white trim. If you want to use darker colors on the house, you can use a lighter trim around the house that helps you mix these colors. The best part of this is that you can add the trim colors around the windows, the house, and the garage doors. You could even use one of the richest colors to paint the front door.

These colors also come inside when you are trying to paint your kitchen, living room, and/or bedroom. These colors work well as accents, or they might be used when you paint the cabinets or buy furniture to accentuate these color choices. Earthy colors also work with other natural colors like dark greens, and you can match blues that remind you of the water.

Green Delivers In Every Shade You Can Imagine

When you are choosing colors for the house, you can try natural greens. It is simple for you to add these colors to the house so long as they are natural. Mint green, moss green, sage green, or even forest green. When you are using something light like mint green, you can use sage green or moss green to paint the trim. If you manage the color palette in reverse, you can paint your front door mint green while the rest of the house is the richest shade of moss green.

Greens are fun to play with because they will provide with a nice backdrop for extra colors you want to introduce. As mentioned above, you should add greens to the earthy colors you have tried around the house. This makes it much more exciting to paint your house, and you can add these colors to accent walls when you do not want to paint an entire room a certain color.

Blue Is The Warmest Color

Blue is a fantastic color, and you should use it as much as possible around the house because it looks good in bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. You can paint your home a rich navy blue, or you could use dark colors for the trim while you paint the shutter blue-grey and the front door a royal blue.

You could try icy blue or frosty blue if you need an almost white shade. This is a good choice because you can layer colors across the house, and you should continue to add shades to the house to make it look that much better. When you have used all these blues to make the house look great, you can bring the colors in the house to transform every room.

You should use white trim to help the blue tones pop, and you might want to ask your residential painter if they think they can use frost blue on the trim instead of white. The best part of this is that you can make your home stand out, and you should add the colors to your interior painting plan. This is something that will change the way you bring your home to life.

How Do You Add These Hot And Trendy Colors To Your Home?

You do not need to hire a painting contractor to paint the whole house. You may not have the budget for that right now, but you do have the budget for one room, one floor, or just the trim. When your painter adds the white trim to the house, they can come back for other projects in the future.

You can reach out to Dutchpopp Painting at any time, and you should talk with the painters about how they can choose the appropriate colors, give you an estimate, and help you test some colors. One of the most interesting parts of painting your home is seeing what the test colors will look like on the siding.

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