The 2023 Colors of the Year for Indiana

Is it time to repaint your home, and do you have no idea what colors to use? Luckily, this blog post has got you covered.

The 2023 Colors of the Year

Whenever you’re indoors, you spend most of the time looking at the walls, and even when you have visitors, the first thing they’ll notice is the color of your walls. Several brands have announced their choices for the 2023 color of the year, and you should pick what you’ll work with.

The “color of the year” might sound singular, but it is a collection of colors from popular brands like HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams and Valspar. Thanks to these collections, you can now imagine your bathroom walls being Blue Arrow – Valspar or your hallway painted with the restrained Gold from HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams. The options are limitless!

The Range of Color(s) in 2023

The colors chosen for 2023 range from bold shades like Darkroom (HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams’ official color of the year), the aptly known as Wall Street to mild neutrals like Cozy White, Villa Grey, Holmes Cream and Ivory Brown by Valspar.

Now that it’s time to paint your home, before contacting the painting contractor, let’s get into the details of the selected colors for 2023 from Sherwin Williams and Valspar.

Sherwin Williams’ Color of the Year 2023

Do you remember the network that had everyone thinking about knocking down their walls and covering them up with shiplap? Well, they have partnered with Sherwin Williams to create a paint color collaboration. The colors chosen for this category include:


This is HGTV Home’s official Color of the Year. It’s a brown-black paint that’s perfect for interior and exterior projects. Darkroom paint by Sherwin Williams adds to the room’s visualization and coordination, making everything around feel seen.

Cool Beige

This is an Orange paint color for interior and exterior projects. If you love feeling stylish but at the same time giving your house a balance, cool beige should be your top pick.

Restrained Gold

Also known as old money gold, the yellow-tan paint is ideal if you want classy and vibrant walls. It would be great for your summer house!

Natural Linen

The best color for people who prefer neutral walls or nothing. It’s a soft, gray caramel beige paint with a bronze undertone. It’s also great for an open floor plan and is best paired with dark furniture.

Hot Cocoa

The hazy paint is ideal for a main wall color, and it gives off “December vibes”. You can pair it with creamy cabinets or décor for contrast.

Austere Grey

Do you constantly admire those gray shades that seem to be laughing at you whenever you walk down the hallway? Then green-grey shade – Austere Grey, the most popular gray paint by Sherwin Williams, is gentle and can work in any space.

Poetry Plum

The season of apples is over, and now plums are the new trend. Poetry Plum will soften the room since it’s a soothing shade of warm purple. It’ll make the room look inviting and livable and is ideal for interior and exterior projects.

Pewter Green

This is a cool sage-y green shade which blends perfectly with grays, giving you a deeper green color that’s still neutral. Pewter Green is younger, fresher and has the coolest undertones you’d ever want.

Wall Street

It is a deep yet cool grey-blue color with slight undertones. So, if you love blue rooms, this is the color your painting contractor should work with.

Valspar Color of the Year 2023

Valspar believe that colors are part of our memory, so the colors you choose for your home reflect how you want to capture every moment and make it last. They shared their 12 colors of the year, and you’re free to choose from these options for your next painting project.

Ivory Brown

When you think about this color, think about calmness and positivity. Since it’s a soft and light color, it will give your home a calm and relaxing feel and offers you space for various possibilities in terms of matching furniture and décor.

Cozy White

This warm shade evokes comfort and ease. The white shade naturally elevates the room, especially if paired with neutrals or earthly woods. For a traditional feel, paint it on cabinets and for a modern rustic style, throw in some natural wood tones.

Gentle Violet

Gentle Violet is a more sophisticated color. It represents harmony and connectivity, especially when used with colorful naturals.

Blue Arrow

Unlike other blue shades, this one is cooled down with a yellow undertone that will give your space a modern feel.


This is another sophisticated paint color that will make you appreciate everything in your home and life.

Desert Carnation

This color gives off “Inspiration” vibes. Desert Carnation is the best pick if you want to revamp a dull space. The soft, faded, warm color will change any room by giving it a laidback and welcoming feel.

Green Trellis

The color is inspired by nature and becomes complete when paired with modern elements. When matched with darker shades of green, this mid-toned hue gives a visual effect that’s lush and layered.

Rising Tide

Choose this color if you want a colorful, eclectic aesthetic feel in your room. It will give any room a personalized look and a stylish feel.

Holmes Cream

Holmes Cream will wrap your home in warmth and happiness. The classic tan embraces sunlight and works well with architectural elements such as wainscoting and decorative molding.

Southern Road

The muted shade of clay with brown undertones reflects the aspects of simplicity and contentment. If you want your home to look more grounded, have Southern Road painted on an accent wall, cabinets or doors.

Villa Grey

It’s a balanced neutral, which gives off a clean interior that’s peaceful and aesthetic.

Everglade Deck

A rich midnight blue that balances a calming effect and elegance. It’s a bold color choice that works well with brass fixtures.

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