Telltale Signs It’s Time to Repaint Your Indiana Home’s Exterior

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The last time you had your home painted in Carmel IN was not the last time it will need paint. Unlike vinyl siding that lasts decades, you can expect to get a new coat of paint for your home anywhere from five to seven years. If you wait longer, your home will start to look rundown. Calling in a residential painting contractor is going to be an investment. However, it will be money well spent when you see the difference it makes in the appearance of your home. As an added bonus, it will increase your resale value. You also have the option to do more than freshen up your existing paint scheme. You could go for a total transformation with an exciting new color. Pay attention to the following signs that you may need to schedule a visit from your trusted exterior painting company.

Beware of a Build Up of Mildew

Walk around the perimeter of your home and look for any discoloration on the exterior. If you see spots that are black, gray, or white, there is a good chance something is growing on the surface of the wood. It could be some type of mold, algae, or mildew. You’ll usually find this problem in areas where your home’s exterior has suffered from excess moisture. Any areas that don’t have decent circulation can also run into this problem. If you don’t remove the mold and add a fresh layer of paint, you may have costly repairs down the line when you have to replace the wood.

Your Paint is Breaking Down

It’s time to call the exterior painters when you see revealing signs that your existing paint is damaged. If it cracks, forms bubbles, or actually begins to flake off as it peels, patching a few spots won’t do enough. It’s time for an overhaul. Your professional painters will scrape away any spots where the paint has been compromised and apply a new coat of paint. Otherwise, the underlying wood could be compromised. It’s more practical to paint as needed rather than replace the boards that cover the exterior of your home.

Your Paint isn’t the Same Color Anymore

Do you remember when your paint used to pop? Have you noticed that it has begun to fade? Exposure to the sun and weather will take a toll on your colors over time. If you want proof, look at old photos of your home that were taken when your paint job was fresh. To bring back that vibrant color that makes your home stand out, place your home in the hands of talented exterior painters.

You’ve Noticed a Residue that Resembles Chalk on the Surface of Your Home

If you have ever brushed your hand against the exterior of your home to come away with a film that looks like powder on your palm, it’s time for fresh paint. You can also detect this problem by running a dark rag or towel along your exterior boards. This residue is a sign that your paint is beginning to break down. Paint has a substance known as a binder that maintains the pigment of your home. When that begins to deteriorate, it can open up the possibility of damage from moisture exposure on the surface beneath the paint.

Inspect Any Caulk on the Exterior of Your Home

Caulk acts as a sealant on the exterior of your home. Fresh caulk is typically applied when you have your home painted. It is elastic. It is meant to be flexible as your home settles during extreme changes in weather, such as when the temperatures plummet in the winter or it is extremely hot. If your caulk has grown hard or has cracks, it’s time to apply it again. Think about a new coat of paint as well.

Keep an Eye Out for Gaps on the Exterior of Your Home

Common areas where gaps may appear are around your windows or your doors. If you see spaces because the wood is pulling away, call your exterior painting company for help. They will most likely begin with applying fresh caulk in the areas where you see gaps. The next step will be to revive the appearance of your home with fresh paint.

You’re Ready for a Change

Whether you you’ve stayed right on schedule for new paint on your home or you did only a couple years ago, you can pick a new color any time you please. Perhaps your home has been the same color for decades. You may look around your neighborhood and feel like everyone’s home looks the same. A new color can breathe new life into the home you love. Once you start with the paint, an interior renovation could be next on your list.

You’ve Added an Addition to Your Home

If you have built a new addition on your home, you’ll need to paint its exterior. In order to ensure the rest of the house matches, consider having the entire home painted again. You also have the option of choosing a different shade of paint or stain to accentuate the new section of your home.

You’re Putting Your Home on the Market

Any real estate agent will tell you that curbside appeal counts. If you want to turn heads as prospective buyers drive by your home, you need to give it some attention. Take care of your lawn. Step up your landscaping. Make sure everything is cleaned up. Fresh paint could really catch someone’s eye and prompt them to take a closer look at your home.

If you think it is time to repaint your home’s exterior, Dutchpopp Painting is a residential painting contractor you can trust. Schedule a consultation. Painters will be happy to come to your home at your convenience to inspect your exterior. They can also discuss your options when it comes to types of paint and color schemes to dress up your home.

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