Soothing Paint Colors for a Nursery in Indiana

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The folks at Dutchpopp Painting in Whitestown IN understand just how important it is to give your baby the best possible start in life. Therefore, we will do whatever it takes to ensure that your child’s nursery serves as a calm and soothing environment for your newborn son or daughter. Let’s take a closer look at the impact that color can have on an environment and some specific hues that you might want to use in your baby’s room.

Cooler Colors Can Help Lower Heart Rate and Reduce Anxiety

Colors such as blue, green and purple have been scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety. You can maximize the calming effect of these hues by opting for lighter shades such as sky blue, mint green or lavender. Lighter shades of blue are especially helpful when it comes to helping your baby sleep as they tend to sap the energy and aggressiveness out of your little one.

Warmer Colors Shouldn’t Be Considered Off-Limits as Home Interior Paint Colors

Hues such as yellow, orange and red are known for their ability to increase your heart rate and overall energy level. However, this may be ideal if you want your child’s nursery to be a stimulating environment that he or she will want to interact with. Using a light yellow, orange or red may make it possible to provide an adequate level of stimulation without overwhelming your young son or daughter.

Patterns Can Help Make a Baby’s Room More Interesting

Decorating a wall with shapes or patterns may allow you to create an interactive environment without the need for bold colors. During your consultation, a member of our team can talk more about whether stripes, polka dots or other patterns are appropriate for your home painting project.

You Can Use Different Colors Throughout the Space

Our quality house painting professionals can cover nursery walls in a variety of colors without sacrificing the overall appearance of your room. This may help you create a flexible space that can help with your child’s development. For example, you could cover the wall that your baby will see while sleeping in a light blue or green hue.

A wall that your child might face after waking from a nap can be covered in brighter colors to make it easier for your son or daughter to stay awake. Finally, a third surface can be covered in circles, lines or other shapes that your child will need to recognize to successfully navigate the world. The home painting pros at Dutchpopp Painting in Whitestown IN are committed to making sure that you get maximum value for your money. To ensure a quality house painting experience, we offer a free consultation before any work begins on your home. This enables you to learn more about how a project will be carried out, how long it will take and how much it will cost. We will also talk more about any warranties or guarantees that might be available as part of the consultation process.

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