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Keeping your property beautiful, strong, and clean is an important responsibility. For exterior surface cleaning, you need a method that will lead to amazing results without causing damage. Soft washing is usually the best choice for your property.

What Is Soft Washing?

You probably know about pressure washing, which involves cleaning a surface with jets of water at high pressure. A soft wash takes a different approach.

With a soft wash, you apply the water at a significantly lower pressure. You also use biodegradable cleaning solutions that have a deeper and more powerful effect on surface impurities and destructive contaminants. The result is a thorough cleaning that helps keep your property in good shape.

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The Benefits of Soft Washing

No Damage

Every day, the exterior surfaces on your property have to withstand damaging forces. Temperature extremes, strong winds, moisture accumulation, mold, insect activity, and different types of physical impact are among the sources of stress for your surfaces.

Using pressure washing to blast away at your siding or your driveway just adds to the deterioration. Even though you're trying to improve your home, you end up subjecting it to unnecessary damage. Switching to a soft wash means that you're relying on a gentler approach that still works powerfully.

A Deeper Cleaning That Lasts Longer

Exterior surface cleaning shouldn’t be superficial. It shouldn’t remove only the most visible patches of mold or streaks of dirt. It really needs to go deeper and permeate the surface.

A soft wash gets at the root of mold, bacteria, fungus growth, and other damaging problems. It cleans deeper, and the effects of the cleaning last longer in comparison to pressure washing.

An Environmentally Friendly Approach

The biodegradable chemicals used in a soft wash don’t linger for a long time on your property. After they help you get rid of contaminants, they break down naturally in a process that usually takes only a few days.

Water usage is another reason soft washes are more environmentally friendly than pressure washes. With a soft wash, you’re using about a third of the amount of water.

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Beauty and Value

A cleaner, healthier, and more beautiful property improves your quality of life. It also enhances your curb appeal, impressing visitors and potential buyers and tenants. A well-maintained home experiences a boost in market value.

Soft washes also give you value by saving you money. Because each cleaning is thorough and lasts longer than a pressure wash, you don’t need to pay for as many cleanings. Furthermore, you can avoid costly repairs by washing each surface in a gentler way, sparing yourself from structural damage.

Which Surfaces Need Cleaning?

Have a look around your property, and consider the exterior surfaces. Maybe you’re noticing discoloration, coatings of dust and dirt, streaks of grime, and patches of mold. Maybe lichen is spreading across your roof and speeding up its deterioration.

Each visible problem also points to deeper issues. Impurities and contaminants accumulate in layers. For example, one of the challenges of concrete cleaning is the way contaminating substances seep into the surface. A well-timed and thorough cleaning is essential.

Soft washes can be applied to a variety of surface materials, including concrete, brick, vinyl, wood, and aluminum. When we perform exterior surface cleaning, the following are key areas we can thoroughly wash:

  • The roof and siding
  • Windows
  • Decks and patios
  • Driveways, walkways, and poolside pavementFences
  • Sidewalks

Hire Top Professionals: Dutchpopp Soft Washing & Window Cleaning

When you hire us, you can enjoy all of the benefits of a soft wash. To every cleaning job, we bring the following qualities:


We understand how to perform the most effective cleaning on a variety of surfaces. From vinyl siding to concrete driveways, each type of surface needs its own approach. We keep our knowledge and skills updated, and we’re familiar with new developments in cleaning solutions and technologies.


We don’t shy away from difficult cleaning projects. Even if the surfaces on your property are in poor condition, we can figure out solutions for repairing and washing them.

Before any job begins, we evaluate the surfaces we’re working with, and we alert you to any problems we discover. If the solution to a problem is beyond the scope of our services, we can give you the appropriate recommendations. You can count on us for advice on what to do and how to keep costs under control.

With our work ethic, skills, and commitment to excellence, we’ve established a successful track record. Even when a job is challenging, your satisfaction is guaranteed.


We give you accurate estimates, and we don’t charge you hidden fees or behave in other underhanded ways. We remain transparent and honest about every aspect of a job, and we welcome your questions. As a reputable company, we're licensed and insured, and our workers have all undergone the appropriate training.

Our integrity is also reflected in our high standards and the outstanding quality of the work we produce. Our goal is to make your property stronger and more beautiful and to make sure you're completely satisfied with the results.

Stellar Customer Service

We demonstrate consistent attentiveness to what our customers need. We respond quickly to calls, and we schedule our projects with your convenience in mind. From our highly skilled workers, you can expect punctuality, thoroughness, and efficiency. Throughout every cleaning job, we treat your property with care and show respect for your time and money.

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