How Often Does Cedar Siding Need to be Painted in Indiana?

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Cedar is a natural wood that people use for their home siding. To make it look more beautiful, you will have to maintain its natural look. For this to be achieved you will have to paint it more frequently. You will have to do the repainting after every 5-7 years. However, it can go up to 10 years if you are more careful to take some precautions. For your cedar to last up to these years, there are some factors you will have to consider. That is, you will have to prepare the surface and consider all other environmental factors.

For your cedar siding to last longer and hold up as you desire, you will have to consider some steps. The following are the important steps that you need to take for a long-lasting paint:

Paint and Primer Selection

If you want your cedar siding to last long you need to be more careful when selecting paint. You should use a stain-blocking primer to prime it if you want a better result. Firstly, remove all the sidings when you want to paint. Thereafter, use the coat of primer to coat the six sides of the slats. In any case, you may find it difficult to do this, ensure that all the exposed areas are evenly coated.

Always use 100% acrylic-latex if you want the best coat. It is considered the best since it is not only thick but also weather resistant. It covers the cedar very well. It also fills any pores and any imperfections that might be found in the wood. Professional painters know how to choose the right acrylic-latex depending on your siding’s condition.

Avoid using standard exterior paint since it is not sufficient and will not make the cedar siding last long with it. This is because cedar is a porous wood that will eventually soak up the standard paint very fast. Thereafter, the wood might crack and be deteriorated from the element. This happens as a result of the thinner layer being left on the outer layer of the wood.

Proper Application

During the application of the paint to your cedar siding, a brush, roller or sprayer can be used. For a professional painter, they will always do the spraying and then roll the paint back. In any case, you want to apply the paint in the thickest coat, a hand brush is recommended. This helps in filling the gaps or pores that are found on the cedar siding. However, using a hand brush consumes a lot of time. When you are doing the spraying or rolling of the paint on your own, ensure you do the rolling back when it is still wet. This helps to make the paint go very deep into the porous wood.

After installing your cedar siding, ensure you paint it after two weeks. Do not expose your cedar to the sun or weather it. This will make it not hold to the coating during application. A fresh cedar holds more to the coating.

In case you have a cedar siding that is very old, we recommend you hire a professional painter. They have experience in removing any dirt or mold. They also know how to handle wood fibers that are loose.

Climate Concerns

It is one of the natural woods that are likely to be affected by the sun. By exposing a cedar siding to more sunlight, it will start turning gray and thereafter become dry and very brittle. This will make the paint not last longer thereby making the cedar crack and flake prematurely.

To make your cedar siding not to be affected by the elements, ensure you use a paint of high quality. To help protect it and maintain its good condition, a primer coat and 100% acrylic-latex paint is recommended. This will keep it for a long time.

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