Great Tips for Painting Your Westfield Property During the Holiday Season

Holiday painting Tips

When you think of the holiday season, you probably imagine your family and friends stopping by for hot cocoa by the fire, gift exchanges, large family dinners, and just time together. It’s what the holidays are all about. When you look at your house, do you feel it’s ready to host all of those holiday guests? Or does the interior paint leave a little to be desired. Perhaps the paint is just old, and your walls have chips and dents. Or perhaps the colors are outdated and don’t fit your style anymore. Preparing for the holidays means also preparing your home, and that means it might just be the right time to look into interior painting for your Westfield IN residence.

But how do you find the right people to handle the interior painting for your home? It’s certainly not a task to take on yourself, especially with all the other things you have to do to prepare for the holidays. You don’t have to worry when you choose Dutchpopp painting. That’s because we are a team of fully licensed, friendly, and knowledgeable professionals who can get the job done right. We are interior painters in Westfield IN who have the equipment, expertise and ability to turn your home into a holiday masterpiece. Below are some helpful tips on how to prepare for your interior painting plans.

Set Your Priorities

You do need to know your priorities before you call interior painters to get started on your project. Take a look at your house and decide what is most important to you. Assess your home for damage. Paint can suffer from water, scuffs, dents, and holes. Is your top priority to repair this damage? Assess your home for color palettes. Are you happy with what you have? Do you need an expert to help you choose new colors? Is this your top priority? Knowing what matters means knowing the right questions to ask when you call the professionals.

Know the Power of the Accent Wall

Colors can work beautifully together if they complement each other. If you are tired of a monochromatic palette or you just want to do something more adventurous, then keep in mind the idea of an accent wall. You can use them in just about any room in the house, like the kitchen, bedroom or living room. By painting one wall a different but complementary color, you add more dimension and style to that room.

Choose Inviting Colors

When people visit, you want them to feel warm and invited, especially during the holiday season. Interior painting using warm colors can draw that feeling from your guests. So, consider warm tones for key rooms like living rooms, dens, guest bedrooms, and kitchens. If you prefer to stay subtle, you could keep more neutral colors for most walls and add a warm accent wall.

Consider Updating the Kitchen

It’s the heart of the home. It’s where friends and family gather during the holidays to cook big meals and bake tasty confections. So, it might just be time to consider interior painters for a kitchen update. One idea is to paint the cabinets. Since they play such an important role in the aesthetic of the kitchen, changing their color can make a big difference in the whole space.

Choose Colors That Work Year Round

While you may be getting the painting done before the holidays, don’t forget that you want color palettes that work for the whole year. Your decor may change as the seasons come and go, so you need to choose colors that work no matter what. It doesn’t hurt to look at trending palettes for this year or to consult Dutchpopp painting for help in choosing timeless colors.

Look for Deals

We all know that the holidays are expensive times with gifts and decorations, food and drinks, and so much more. That’s why a really good tip for interior painting is to shop for deals. Many companies will have offers during the holiday season to help you afford the new painting that you need done.

Call in the Professionals

The holidays are a stressful time. They certainly are not the time to take on a DIY home project of these proportions. You don’t want streaky, half-done paint on your interior walls. You don’t want to have to buy all the equipment and take time out of your busy days. That’s why you need to depend on professional and skilled interior painters who can get the job done right. They have the tools, equipment and expertise you need.

Now you have some ideas on how to get started. Here at Dutchpopp Painting, we are ready to get your Westfield IN home holiday ready. Call us 317-268-8938 to schedule your color consultation today.

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