Commercial Epoxy Floor Services

Commercial Epoxy Floor Contractors

Every business has a need for floors that enhance safety for both employees and customers. Additionally, durability and low maintenance are desirable qualities for any company. Finding floors that possess these qualities and have a long lifespan can be challenging. However, at Steel Coated Floors of Indy (a subsidiary of Dutchpopp Painting), our epoxy floors live up to our name by offering all the functional and aesthetic benefits that commercial building owners desire. With years of experience in providing commercial epoxy floor services throughout the Indianapolis area, let us demonstrate how epoxy floors can benefit your business.

Advantages of Our Epoxy Flooring for Commercial Buildings

Our team of epoxy installers never compromises on quality by using cheap epoxy floor paint or low-quality coatings. In the following section, you will learn about our unique process. Once completed, your new floor will provide the following benefits:

  • Complies with USDA food contact requirements.
  • Resists germs and bacteria.
  • Enhances the appearance of any room.
  • Reflects light and increases brightness.
  • Withstands vehicles, foot traffic, and heavy equipment.
  • Repels water and chemical spills.
  • Reduces maintenance demands and expenses.
  • Decreases the risk of slipping.
  • Withstands impact and resists abrasion.

Why Choose Steel Coated Floors of Indy?

We have worked diligently to establish ourselves as one of the top commercial epoxy contractors in Indiana. Our epoxy installers utilize a tested and proven process to create visually appealing floors of unmatched quality.

Skilled Epoxy Installers

Our company meticulously screens and trains technicians to ensure their proficiency. Equipped with modern tools and employing the correct application methods, our technicians prioritize efficiency without compromising on quality. They are well aware that any downtime can be detrimental to your business and strive to minimize it.

Preliminary Work

For epoxy to have a lasting effect, it must be applied to a properly prepared substrate. We handle this by filling holes, lines, and other areas with a steel-tough polyurea filler. Our process continues with diamond grinding until we achieve the optimal texture, followed by the removal of debris and dust.

100% Solid Epoxy

Compared to water-based epoxy, our 100% solid epoxy is stronger and thicker. It does not release any fumes like solvent-based products. We apply self-leveling epoxy to create a flawless, flat finish. It showcases good temperature resilience and will not crack due to fluctuations. Our epoxy maintains its thickness and form, and we also incorporate flakes that add both functional and decorative elements. These flakes improve bonding and create aesthetic appeal with various style and color options. To ensure a durable bond, we let the epoxy cure for eight hours.

A Stronger Topcoat

We apply a UV-resistant polyaspartic topcoat that is four times tougher than epoxy. It ages gracefully without discoloration while also protecting the properties of the flakes.

Our Exceptional Warranty

At no additional cost, you receive our lifetime warranty. Our process is designed to create floors that can withstand nearly anything. Inflicting any damage would require superhuman strength. However, we guarantee to fix any defects or damage.

Epoxy Floor Services for All Commercial Customers in Indianapolis

We are delighted to offer our epoxy floor services to businesses in a wide range of industries. Warehouses, production facilities, and industrial plants can benefit from the strength of our floors. Labs and commercial kitchens that prioritize sanitation will appreciate epoxy's resistance to bacteria and germs. Auto repair shop owners will enjoy a surface that resists abrasion, impact, and oil spills. These examples are just a fraction of the potential applications. We also cater to public entities, banks, laundromats, medical facilities, strip malls, office buildings, and many others.

Hire Our Commercial Epoxy Contractors throughout the Indianapolis area

Feel free to explore our gallery to view the impressive results of our work. If you are ready to experience the benefits of epoxy flooring for your business, our epoxy installers are ready to assist you. They will consult with you on design preferences, scheduling needs, and more. Contact Steel Coated Floors of Indy today to receive your free estimate for commercial epoxy floor installation throughout the Indianapolis area.